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Killer Creative for Killer Growth

Selection of scalable and replicable cases demonstrating how IPG and its agencies are driving growth, impact and change for Nestlé

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Unleashing Creative Potential  Microsoft & Heinz

Javi Campopiano

Director Creativo Global McCann Worldgroup

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White Structure

Creative Commerce

Ronald Ng

EVP Global Chief Creative Officer MRM

Global e-commerce sales totaled almost $6 trillion in 2023. One of the reasons for this continued growth is creativity which is transforming commerce from a ‘transactional’ to ‘inspirational’ experience. Today commerce is often where brands interact with consumers, making creativity and commerce work hand in hand.  Creativity wins hearts, while seamless commerce experiences drive them to the sale.

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Lisa Bowcott

SVP, Global Brand Strategy Director

The work shown in this presentation will bring to life the journey that Nespresso is on to further establish its position globally as a purveyor of exceptional coffee and extraordinary taste, across every consumer touchpoint.  More than a stylish coffee system, Nespresso is a coffee brand committed to preserving and protecting the most desirable coffees in the world and the people who produce them.  

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Maggi India
Creative Case

Lisa Bowcott
SVP Global Brand Strategy Director

Maggi has faced its fair share of challenges in India over the years but each time the brand has needed to pivot, it has lent into its role in culture and community and strengthened and extended those ties.  In doing so it has achieved real growth through increased category penetration and successful expansion into adjacent categories.

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Starbucks Integration 

Fleur Cuyalaa, 

 Associate Creative Director, FutureBrand 

Marshall Ward

SVP Europe, FutureBrand

Harnessing the power of brand design and partnership to transform Starbucks' iconic retail brand to an engaging & compelling ‘At home’ experience including a distinctive strategic & visual identity, crafted packaging, through to campaigns and in-store displays

AFG&Purina Creative Update & Creative Ambitions


Frank Ginsberg

Founder, Chairman & CEO, AFG


Dawn Terrazas

Chief Managing Director US & LATAM, AFG

Amy Adams

Chief Managing Director Europe & AOA, AFG

Our creative ambition for your billionaire brands. An overview of the creative work across the Purina billionaire brands – and highlighting our creative ambitions across the portfolio.   

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